THURSDAY February 20, 21:30

30 min. / KC Střelnice / Entry 70 CZK (50 CZK students)

Na počátku je vždycky chaosNa počátku je vždycky chaosNa počátku je vždycky chaos

NA POCZĄTKU ZAWSZE JEST CHAOS (In the beginning, there is chaos)

Teatr Etna, Polsko

Grotesque comedy with a lot of positive vibe

Teatrzyk Zielona Gęś (The Green Goose Theatre) by a Polish poet Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński doesn't offer simple solutions. It requires imagination from the director, actor, and spectator. In return — it provides you with a great dose of fun and positive energy. These are short, grotesque and funny drama miniatures. Everything is being built on stage, because all we get are a few lines of text. Our interpretation is full of symbols, colors, and energy, and we believe that you will have a good time watching our show.

Authors: Anna Kolanowska ve spolupráci s Joannou Chułek
Written by: Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński, Teatrzyk Zielona Gęś
Cast: Iga Lipiec, Joanna Kuna, Kacper Budyta, Amelia Siwecka, Kinga Konończuk, Tamara Saganek, Błażej Lompart, Zuzia Szymańska, Natalia Pruszyńska, Maja Zapała, Stanisław Kowański, Katarzyna Ciećwierz
Music: aranžmá - Anna Kolanowska ve spolupráci s Joannou Chułek
Scenic design: Anna Kolanowska

Teatr Etna, Poland

Etna Theatre is a representative team of the Culture Center in Piaseczno. It has been active for 9 years, but continues the 26 year long tradition of previous theatres. Actors cannot simply join this theatre — they have to be invited. We got multiple prizes within the last year in Poland and this is our second international festival. Our group is not only connected through acting, we also join camps and workshops together where we learn other forms of theater, and we make fire shows as well.

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