FRIDAY February 21, 10:00

60 min. / KC Střelnice / 70 CZK (50 CZK students)


STOJÍM V ŘADĚ (I'm Standing in a Queue)


Political satira.

A whirlwind of appellative monologues by the Italian playwright and standup author. The seven texts and their bittersweet wit attack the world in which we all are living.

Written by: Ascanio Celestini
Adaptation by: Tereza Sieglová
Director: Tomáš Staněk
Cast: Karolína Vaňková, Antonín Brukner, Samuel Toman, Anežka Šťastná, Tomáš Weiser, Josef Bobeš Havelka


OLDstars, established in 2002, is an independent artistic company and an association of students and art schools graduates. They are connected with the basement club HarOLD and the flat-theatre H2O Košická in Vršovice, Prague. They organize performances, readings, theatre happenings, concerts, a benefit theatre festival in Roudnice nad Labem and Students Theatre Festival in Divadlo v Celetné as well as a theatre studio for kids and acting courses.

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