FRIDAY February 21, 16:00

45 min. / Municipal theater Turnov / Entry 70 CZK (50 CZK students)

Mise nový domov

Mise nový domov (Mision New Home)


Dark comedy about colonization of Mars.

Jarda X's 'My News' are full of catastrophic news: microplastics, overpopulation, violence, corruption, oligarchs and 'Gutmenschen'. The world seems to be heading towards a big trouble. Luckily, there is a solution: flying to Mars. New prospective candidates to colonize the red planet are going to be chosen in a selection procedure organized by two experienced astronauts. The training comes with a price to pay, but what one wouldn't do to survive? A dark comedy loosely based on the story of 'The Afronauts'.

Authors: Jan Kubáček, Anna Lehmannová, Martin Stašák a STOPA
Cast: Mikuláš Brada, Daniel Bradáč, Hynek Hejna, Anna Horová, Jan Kubáček, Anna Lehmannová, Michaela Malá, Taťána Marková, Johana Mináriková, Veronika Modrá, Jáchym Okleštěk, Aicha Roubíčková, Martin Stašák, Jonáš Svatuška, Vojtěch Vlk, Dominik Vrba
Music: Two Steps From Hell (album: The Devil Wears Nada)
Scenic design: STOPA


The student theatre ensemble STOPA (The Footprint) was founded in 1993 at the Doctrina high school. The prime mover was the actor and stage director Milena Šajdková who had recognized the ensemble's potential and guided it to become a full-fledged theatre ensemble. The ensemble was also led by Lukáš Horáček who has been encouraging authorial approach and Vanda Zaplatílková Hutařová who shifted the focus exclusively on author's (and mostly collective) theatre.

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