FRIDAY February 21, 17:30

60 min. / KC Střelnice / Entry 70 CZK (50 CZK students)


Elevátor (Elevator)


Drama based on a true story of two teenagers who got stuck in a cargo elevator in an abandoned building in 2002.

Drama based on a true story from 2002. Two teenagers get stuck in a cargo elevator in a deserted building at a city periphery. What is the cost of survival? An extremely dramatic condition exposes the characters' self, reveals the truth and questions the core of human existence. A test case drama is a perfect platform to a students ensemble. The original play by Gabriel Pintilei first appeared at Small Theater in Bukurest in 2004 and was also successfully put on by Divadlo Letí.

Written by: Gabriel Pintilei/Elisabeta Kučerová
Adaptation by: Tomáš Staněk
Cast: Sebastián Vopěnka, Dorotka Tučková/Anna Klusáková/, Viktorie Hrachovcová/Anna Jarkovská/Ella Ozuna
Music: Vincent Klusák
Scenic design: Vincent Klusák


OLDstars, established in 2002, is an independent artistic company and an association of students and art schools graduates. They are connected with the basement club HarOLD and the flat-theatre H2O Košická in Vršovice, Prague. They organize performances, readings, theatre happenings, concerts, a benefit theatre festival in Roudnice nad Labem and Students Theatre Festival in Divadlo v Celetné as well as a theatre studio for kids and acting courses.

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