FRIDAY February 21, 21:00

90 min. / Municipal theater Turnov / Entry 250 CZK (including the festival opening ceremony)



Theater VOSTO5

On-stage radio play about the discovery of PROTON band from Ostrava.

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On-stage radio play about the discovery of PROTON, a non-existent band from Ostrava that had been silenced before it could even have gotten famous. An exciting story of a forgotten music legend that failed to meet the expectations of both popular music and the underground. In the clouded sky of the normalization, this shooting star has brought together numerous contemporary musicians.

First appearance on 14 June 2015 at Jatka78 in Prague, supported by the Capital of Prague and the Ministry of Culture.

Author: Divadlo Vosto5
Written by: Ondřej Cihlář a Petr Marek
Cast: Ondřej Bauer, Ondřej Cihlář, Jiří Havelka, Tomina Jeřábek, Petr Marek, Petr Prokop, Bára Mišíková
Music: Petr Marek a Vosto5
Scenic design: Martin Bražina


VOSTO5 was founded in Prague in 1995 by Ondřej Cihlář, David Kašpar and Petr Prokop as an independent ensemble featuring author's theatre with a broad thematic and genre span, with distinct poetics and cheeky humour. The ensemble has been drawing from the legacy of modern cabaret and text-appeal shenanigans with a highlight on improvisation. VOSTO5 has been a guest of Studio Ypsilon, Archa Theatre, Jatka78 and Café v lese, and currently stage the project Společenstvo vlastníků (The Union of Property Owners) as a series at the hall of Masaryk Train Station in Prague. The central figures of the VOSTO5 theatre are Petr Prokop, Ondřej Cihlář, Jiří Havelka, Tomáš Jeřábek and Ondřej Bauer.

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