SATURDAY February 22, 11:30

40 min. / Municipal theater Turnov / Entry 70 CZK (50 CZK students)

Zavilá drogaZavilá droga

Zavilá droga (An Intricate Path; Zawila Droga)

Turnovské divadelní studio

Anecdote based on monologues and dialogues about young girl fantasies and desires.

Anecdote combining several monologues and dialogues, backed up by minimalist scenic design. A girl is trying to materialize her fantasies and desires – something, though, is slipping through her fingers. The paths of her complicated character are intricate. An intricate path; zawila droga.

Author: Petr Haken
Cast: Theresia Anna Hakenová, Karolína Janatková, Artuš Hašek
Music: Theresia Anna Hakenová, Karolína Janatková
Scenic design: Petr Haken

Turnovské divadelní studio

The history of theatre in Turnov dates back to 1770, with the first play documented in 1910. Turnovské divadelní studio (The Turnov Theatre Studio) was founded in 1993, has put on about 60 plays since then and participated at many festivals in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Austria in various categories. The studio has featured mostly student and experimental drama, and among others, it was a kickstarter to theatrical pursuits for many of its students, for example Mario Kubaš, Petr Christov, Michal Samir and Martin Špetlík.

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