SATURDAY February 22, 16:30

80 min. / KC Střelnice / Entry 70 CZK (50 CZK students)



Statické divadlo

80 minutes of sparkling theatre loaded with music and singing.

Who has ever been as miserable as we are? By means of scenic minimalism and exquisitely non-psychological acting, we present the Faustian motive of temptation as a challenges for the modern society. An attempt to capture fragments of presence – and loads of fun, because humour is one of few effective ways to cope with reality. Embarrassment, civility, and wiping off the line between the show and the intermission, the end and the beginning.

Author: Jakub Tichý
Cast: Jakub Tichý, Ondřej Turoň, Josef Jusku, Radoslav Piekielnicki, Jan Lőrinc
Music: Jan Lőrinc
Scenic design: Jan Lőrinc

Statické divadlo

'The Static Theatre' is a Moravian-Silesian ensemble featuring nonartificial, minimalist, alternative and static theatre without epithets. They specialize in experimental work with a hint of social commentary. The ensemble has earned accolades from professor Jan Císař and the physical poet Petr Váša; the meta-play (Zánicky) was recommended for the Šrámkův Písek festival in 2016 and won the Best stage performance prize. Útěk (Escape), put on in 2018, has been staged in the Absinth club Les in Ostrava and Vila Štvanice in Prague, as well as at Czech non-professional theatre festivals Šrámkův Písek and Jiráskův Hronov.

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