SUNDAY February 23, 10:00

60 min. / Municipal theater Turnov / Entry 70 CZK (50 CZK students)




Entertaining ad-lib show with unexpected relationships, plot twists and surprising punchlines.

Improshow by B.I.Z.O.N.I. is an entertaining stand-up spectacle consisting of several short episodes. The audience is encouraged to join in and give suggestions about what to play. Yes, dear audience, you can be the one to decide what is on the stage! The actors are never sure about what is going to happen. One thing is certain, it will be fun!

Authors: Improvising actors
Improvising actors: Eliška Kahudová, Milan Boháček, Helena Morcová, Miloš Haták, Ondřej Soukup, Michaela Kernerová, Klára Zdechovská
Music: Klára Zdechovská

B.I.Z.O.N.I. Hradec Králové

B.I.Z.O.N.I. is an improvisation theatre ensemble from Hradec Králové. Since 2008, we have performed at festivals such as the European regions festival, Mezi ploty, Fantazie, Semilský roháč, Jičín město pohádek or Tyjátrfest. We never write any scripts for the shows beforehand, because the point is to turn the unexpected situations to amusing scenes.

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