SUNDAY February 23, 1:00 pm

80 min. / KC Střelnice - mirror room / Entry 70 CZK (50 CZK students)

1789 Malá francouzská revoluce

1789 The Little French Revolution

Faileova svobodná kompanie

Experimental LARP Drama (live action role playing with audience participation)

It is the summer of 1789, the year of the French Revolution that had a profound impact on Europe. The Parisian history is notorious, however, we are going to live through the events that happened moments before the actual revolution broke out, and create the story of a small village that no one has ever heard about.

The performance is being built up as LARP (live action role playing), a specific theatre genre based on the interaction with the audience where each participant helps to create the performance. The setup includes a dramaturgic introduction to the method. Maximum capacity is 30 participants.

Author: Arnošt Hašek
Cast: Arnošt Hašek, Artuš Hašek, Pavel Hásek, Martin Širc, Slávka Mašínová, Vojtěch Pekař
Scenic design: Arnošt Hašek a Pavel Hásek

Faileonova svobodná kompanie

'Faileon's Free Company' is an ensemble ogranizing and producing LARP performances. Its activity dates back to 2004, with about 10 LARP performances of various genres - fantasy, postapo, historical, and educational LARP targeted for schools. The company tries to present LARP as a full-fledged theatrical genre.

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