herecká dílna festivalu Modrý kocour 2020 herecká dílna festivalu Modrý kocour 2020 herecká dílna festivalu Modrý kocour 2020

Theater Workshop at Modrý kocour Turnov 2020, photos by Pavel Charousek


Theater Workshop 2023

lecturing by Frank Weisse (Germany)

Workshop participants will learn what is behind the term "Theater of the Oppressed". In the workshop we will also use forms of Forum theater and Process theater. Process theater is a form of theater that actively improvises and focuses on the causes and consequences of impaired communication skills and related obstacles (most problems arise due to lack of communication). At the same time we eliminate the classic difference between the actor and the viewer. In this process, the actor can often become a spectator, and the viewer can become an actor, with the crucial difference that the viewer who becomes an actor does not know that he is an actor during the action. Process theater works intuitively, improvises, interacts with elements of epic theater, is an attempt to further develop the oppressed theater founded by Augusto Boal.

"Theater should not only interpret reality, but should help change it." Lek uses this credo by August Boal as the basis of his interactive theater workshops. It is not a lecture or a recitation of monologues from paper. It is a workshop where people play, run, scream or are absolutely silent. It is a workshop where a group of actors becomes a team through play. A workshop where the student is almost always on the move but does not solve his physical fitness.

Last but not least, participants can act as screenwriters who collectively record the course of the workshop. Who knows, maybe a great theater play will be created. As a result of the workshop there will be a short performance presented during the festival.

Participants need nothing but clothes in which they can lie on the ground, jump and run, a scarf, a pair of laces and a notebook and a pencil.

The workshop will be held in Czech, but is also suitable for participants who speak English, German, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish or who do not speak at all.

The maximum number of participants is 20!

Frank Weisse

Frank Weisse

Frank was born, raised and studied in Germany. He played theater as a child. He studied literature, devoted himself to psychology, and graduated in literary science. Frank is a certified cultural manager and trained at the International Theater-Therapeutic Conference in Olomouc.

He works as a performer, musician, cultural manager, teacher of German language (teaching using theater techniques). He writes stories, poems, fairy tales and screenplays.

Frank is the initiator, screenwriter and actor of the first experimental documentary film with the so-called invisible theater. The film "Inner noise" documents the situation in the border town of Görlitz (DE) - Zgorzelec (PL) at the time of border checks.

He leads workshops of intuitive writing, improvisation theater and theater workshop with alternative and experimental forms of theater (such as "Theater of the Oppressed") in international projects in various countries, eg theater workshop during the "Aye Aye" (France). Frank is also involved in theatrotherapeutic work in crisis areas in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine.

As usual, the acting workshop will take place in the Cultural Center - Kulturní Centrum Střelnice, Markova street no.311, Turnov. Workshops will run on Thursday, February 16, Friday February 17 and Saturday February 18 from 1:00 pm.
The public preformance will happen on Sunday 19 February in the Municipal Theatre Turnov.


Accommodation has to be arranged by all participants on their own!
Penzion Na Výšince and Hotel Karel IV offer accommodation at a discounted price. Please contact them as soon as possible to make a reservation with the information that you are participating in the festival. The payment will be collected individually at the hotel reception upon your arrival. More information about accommodation can be found in the application form.


It is possible to order dinners from Thursday to Saturday and lunches from Friday to Sunday. The price per meal this year will be around CZK 120. This year again meals will be vegetarian. If you wish to order lunches and dinners, check the relevant boxes in the registration form.

Workshop 2023 Price

Participation fee for the workshop (without accomodation)
2000 Kč
(85 EUR)
Fee includes:
  • attendance for three days of the workshop (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
  • permanent pass for the whole festival

Entries are only valid with the payment.
Payment from international participants will be collected in cash on the first day morning.

To maintain the quality of work and communication during workshops, capacity is limited!

Fill out applications for the 2023 workshop here:

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