WED 19 February 19:30

90 min. / Municipal Theater / Entry 150 CZK

Divadlo bez zvířatDivadlo bez zvířatDivadlo bez zvířat

Divadlo bez zvířat(No Animals Theater)

Theater RADAR/Načerno

Seven absurd miniatures.

Hronovská inspirace Hronovská inspirace

A tribute to the comicality and grotesqueness of human life in the most ordinary situations and encounters full of unexpected twists.

What happens when a younger brother tells the older one that he had grown wise? How does a daughter deal with an ignorant father? What can disrupt an ordinary Sunday morning or an idylic fishing day? Is Racin's Faidra good enough? Is there a power that transcends us? Why do we think that much, and should we even think? How foolish are we?

Through the scenery of our daily life, another world is emerging - a world without predictability that reveals what reality had not yet hidden from our eyes.

Written by: Jean-Michel Ribes
Translation: Petr Christov
Director: Lukáš Křížek
barber — Vojtěch Chalupa
Customer — Matěj Trojan / Pavel Trnka

Andreas — Jakub Heřmánek / Vojtěch Klinger
Jakub — Martin Holzknecht / Pavel Trnka

Mr. ONE — Vojtěch Chalupa
Mr. TWO — Matěj Trojan / Jakub Hudec

Luisa — Evelína Žemličková / Barbora Heřmánková
Jean-Claude — Martin Holzknecht / Vojtěch Klinger
Simona — Ludmila Švrčinová / Lenka Rudová

daughter — Eliška Holzknechtová
father — Jakub Heřmánek / Jakub Hudec
mother — Andrea Šíchová / Lenka Rudová

father — Vojtěch Chalupa
Monica — Ludmila Švrčinová / Evelína Žemličková

Anna — Barbora Heřmánková
Lucie — Andrea Šíchová / Eliška Holzknechtová
Lukáš — Jakub Heřmánek / Vojtěch Klinger
Richard — Martin Holzknecht / Pavel Trnka
Karel — Matěj Trojan / Jakub Hudec

Theater RADAR/Načerno

RADAR/Načerno Theatre has been active for 15 years. Some of its notable plays are Tři mušketýři (Three Musketeers), Fyzikové (Physicists), Prokletí rodu Baskervillů (Hound of Baskerville) or an author's play Uprostřed polí (In the fields). The current repertory consists of seven miniatures named Divadlo bez zvířat, and Petr Kolečko's comedy Buchty a bohyně. A new author's play based on a true story has been planned for May 2020.

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