THURSDAY February 20, 16:30

16 min. / Municipal theater Turnov / Entry 70 CZK (50 CZK students) including the previous performance

Tak přestaň

Tak přestaň (Stop it)

Taneční a pohybové studio Magdaléna

Physical theatre performance inspired by poetry of Emma Kausc.

Emma Kausc's poetry reflects the youth in the context of the world – she is questioning who we are, and how our parents, school and society see us. How to meet all their expectations, stay true to yourself?
And not to go mad?
426/5000 Standing in the middle of a crowd
figure throbs
social hunger
you won't hit him
hectoliters of water
people's view has no shape
because people don't think the same way
and people don't think anyway
Inflate the balloon and let the words cool inside
pierce the fabric and the sky will tear apart
with the sentences I carefully soaked
into the gaps
dig your nails into your skin
to wrap blood in stop shaking

Author: Ludmila Rellichová a soubor
Inspired by: poetry of Emma Kausc
Cast: Adéla Garabíková, Marina Čapková, Matylda Homolová, Tereza Malá, Karolína Kantorová, Eva Loudová, Viktorie Židlíková, Angelina Sovtanová, Markéta Endlerová, Markéta Hlaváčková, Jolana Horynová
Music: Arvo Part
Scenic design: Ludmila Rellichová, Eva Loudová

Taneční a pohybové studio Magdaléna

The Dance and Physical Theatre Studio Magdaléna was founded in 1998. The ensemble specializes in scenic dance, physical theatre, drama education and mime, with children from the age of 4 with the goal to cultivate children's personality, individuality and talents. The work draws from the efforts of actual students. The Magdaléna studio has attended national competitions in Kutná Hora, Jablonec nad Nisou, Ústí nad Orlicí, Kolín and other national and international dance and theatre festivals. Its main characteristics is a unique method of pedagogical and artistic work where the interprets are seen as authentic creative entities and their development towards expression is a priority in the artistic process.

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