THURSDAY February 20, 19:30

90 min. / Municipal theater Turnov / Entry 70 CZK (50 CZK students)



Rádobydivadlo Klapý

Drama about the power of money, and the way it affects the world and indeed, a family.

The patriarch is dying, and his death means the end of a family business. His wife Vassa fights the decline with no scruples to save the business from bancrupt, justifying her intriques and lies by the mother's right. While everybody is keeping their eyes on the inheritance, Vassa is confident in her power and is not afraid to ride roughshod to achieve her goal.

Author: Václav Špirit
Written by: Maxim Gorkij
Adaptation by: Václav Špirit
Cast: Eva Andělová, Rostislav Soukup, Lukáš Burda, Jana Dobrovodská, Eliška Hrdá, Jiří Chadraba, Vít Líbal, Martina Čechová, Adéla Bulasová
Music: Miroslav Anděl
Scenic design: Karolína Baňková

Rádobydivadlo Klapý

Rádobydivadlo Klapý (The Wannabe-theatre Klapý) is an ensemble of actors from all over the Czech republic. The most notable director is Ladislav Valeš, and as of now the ensemble has about 30 members and many more collaborators. The driving force is our shared love for theatre and the committment to making it so that it resonates, and even slightly provokes. Throughout 33 years of existence, Rádobydivadlo Klapý has put on 36 premieres and staged over 900 performances.

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