SATURDAY February 22, 20:30

85 min. / KC Střelnice / Entry 150 CZK



Nejhodnější medvídci and Divadlo Na tahu

Tragical burlesque combined with historical drama illustrating wartime and post-war experience.

Tomcat's inspiration Tomcat's inspiration

A play written by a soldier from the village of Klešice who had battled in Sochi and Piave reflects his wartime and post-war experience under the influence of his fellow soldiers Fráňa Šrámek and Josef Váchal. The lost play was found in inheritance by Žďárský's grand grand-daughter Dr. Rachel Lewinski. The tragical burlesque/historical drama reflects both tenderness of the youth and sarcasm of the experienced, and analogically the duality of the village of Klešice.

Author: Jan Žďárský
Adaptation by: Andrej Krob
Cast: Jitka Říhová, Irena Holemá, Jana Zbortková, Ilona Semrádová, Julie Válková, Jan Turner, Marek Šimon, Petr Reidinger, Ivo Bureš, Zdeněk Škrdlant, Jan Hanyš
Music: Johana Ožvold
Scenic design: Jan Turner a Jan Hanyš

Nejhodnější medvídci

Nejhodnější medvídci 'The Best Behaved Teddy Bears' is a theatre group formed in 1988 in Prague as an uncompromising ensemble of orthodox and extremist drama actors. They aspire to make post-documentary theatre freed from any metaphorical baggage. In the course of 30 years, Nejhodnější medvídci have staged 13 plays all over the Czech Republic, in Slovakia, Lithuania, Belarus, Germany and France - all played in respective languages.

Divadlo Na tahu

Divadlo na tahu was founded by Andrej Krob who dramatized The Beggars Opera, a prohibited play by Václav Havel. The play was illegally staged in 1975, and had been under repression until November 1989. After 1989, the theatre has become more active and remained focused mainly on Havel's plays.

The plays Klešice and Rail Yard Blues are the result of a fusion of the two ensembles.

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