Petr Haken

Petr Haken

dramaturgist and founder of the festival
tel: +420 606 504 008
dramaturgist, actor, director, teacher, regional politician and founder of the festival

Petr started acting in the 1970s in his father's theatre plays. He worked with Otto Liška and decided to pursue the professional theatre career. After 1989, he came back to Turnov to be a teacher and founded the Turnov Theatre Studio. He was a dramaturgy student at professor Císař and was strongly influenced by the Russian director Sergej Fedotov and his seminars.

In january 1996, Modrý kocour festival came into being to continue two decades later in the reign of its disciples.

As both an actor and director, Petr Haken appeared in over a hundred performances, many of those gained accolades at national and international competitions.